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[Coming Soon] Jamie Marleigh's DP Fantasy

Coming on 08/24/2017 | Featuring: Jamie Marleigh

Don't miss 'Jamie Marleigh's DP Fantasy' when it is released on 08/24/2017

Jamie Marleigh has never experienced a simultaneous pussy / anal penetration, but she sure wants to. Enjoy as she shares her DP fantasy and all of its details. We hope it happens for you Jamie, you sexy little vixen.

[Coming Soon] Bradley Perry is a Quick Cummer

Coming on 08/23/2017 | Featuring: Bradley Perry

Don't miss 'Bradley Perry is a Quick Cummer' when it is released on 08/23/2017

There isn’t much better than watching a girl’s fingers with pretty nails flying over her clit on the way to an orgasm or two and Bradley orgasms fast and furiously. So fast I think she actually almost started her hand on fire. Seriously I think she burned herself. Damn girl, fun to watch but be careful.

[Coming Soon] Midori is Insanely Flexible

Coming on 08/22/2017 | Featuring: Midori Black

Don't miss 'Midori is Insanely Flexible' when it is released on 08/22/2017

Midori demonstrates a few poses that highlight her double jointed-ness and flexibility. Oh yeah, and she does this naked, so everybody wins. Yay stretching!

[Coming Soon] Kate's Masturbation Biography

Coming on 08/22/2017 | Featuring: Kate

Don't miss 'Kate's Masturbation Biography' when it is released on 08/22/2017

Kate's Masturbation Biography

[Coming Soon] Jamie Marleigh Masturbation Interview

Coming on 08/21/2017 | Featuring: Jamie Marleigh

Don't miss 'Jamie Marleigh Masturbation Interview' when it is released on 08/21/2017

Jamie Marleigh is quite the character. She's a midwestern USA girl who finds herself traveling in Australia to blog and fuck. She has quite a thing for the Aussie cock. Enjoy learning all about this sexy girl, her ass stretching, love of anal sex and her fantasies to someday experience double penetration. She does have an adorable ass and we're happy that she loves and appreciates it as much as we do.

[Coming Soon] Pepper and a Friend Blow Job Attack a Boy

Coming on 08/20/2017 | Featuring: Pepper Hart

Don't miss 'Pepper and a Friend Blow Job Attack a Boy' when it is released on 08/20/2017

Pepper recounts a story of her and her friend; she calls her “E” in the story, “Blow-job” attacking a guy they were hanging out with. Blow-job attacking, yes, it is just as good as it sounds. And it takes team-work, which is really the most important part of the story. There is no “I” in team and nobody cares how blowjob is spelled.

Midori Fucks herself with her Trusty Dildo

Added: 08/19/2017 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 9.00

This is classic Yanks at its best. Simply a sexy girl that is amazing to look at giving herself a good hard orgasm. The dildo she used is apparently part of a strap on she has used on men and women. When she came she fantasized about the last person she fucked with the same diddle, a woman, in the shower. Damn to be a fly on her wall, or shower curtain. Enjoy!

Kate's Perfect Pussy

Added: 08/19/2017 | Featuring: Kate | Rating: 4.00

Kate's milky skin is pure perfection. Enjoy as she slowly strips and gives us a view of her entire body including her cute pert boobs and nicely trimmed pussy. Kate is adorable.

Pepper Hart's Perfect Pussy

Added: 08/18/2017 | Featuring: Pepper Hart | Rating: 9.00

Oh Pepper Hart, you are so gloriously perfect. Such pert breasts and creamy white skin! What a dream. Enjoy as Pepper perfectly uses her beaded glass dildo on her equally perfect pussy. Such a sexy redhead.

Jamie Marleigh's Masturbation Biography

Added: 08/18/2017 | Featuring: Jamie Marleigh | Rating: 9.00

Jamie Marleigh's Masturbation Biography

Bradley Perry - Braces and Blowjobs

Added: 08/17/2017 | Featuring: Bradley Perry | Rating: 9.00

Bradley explains the challenges of giving oral sex to men with braces. I would have to believe all the men who have had Bradley do this for them certain appreciate the care and thought she puts into doing it for maximum pleasure and safety.

Midori Black - The "Church Incident"

Added: 08/16/2017 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 8.00

When your lesbian lover is fingering you while you are driving and you want to go down her where is the best place to pull over and take care of your needs? Well church of course. This story is hot and cute; also it kind of makes me want to go to church.

Penny and Pepper Kissing: Part Two

Added: 08/15/2017 | Featuring: Penny LayPenny Lay & Pepper HartPepper Hart | Rating: 10.00

This time the girls are standing up, kissing and fingering. I love Pepper’s gorgeous stomach and how you can just see her pubic hair. Short and very sweet video.

Jamie Marleigh's Clit Teasing

Added: 08/15/2017 | Featuring: Jamie Marleigh | Rating: 9.00

Lovely Jamie Marleigh shows off her supple ass and ample breasts in her sexy hot pink lingerie. Enjoy as she slowly strips and shows off her pretty pink bean-shaped clit. Don't you just want to touch it?!

Bradley Cums Quickly Using a Small Dildo

Added: 08/14/2017 | Featuring: Bradley Perry | Rating: 8.00

Many girls like the feeling of being full when they use a dildo. Bradley is a bit different, her toy of choice is quite small, but she just likes to have something to grip onto. It is a bit bigger than a finger, but less than two. I guess what they say is true it is not the size of the wave after all, but rather the motion of the ocean. Enjoy watching Bradley’s quick but intense cum.

Midori Black Masturbation Biography

Added: 08/13/2017 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 8.00

Midori Black Masturbation Biography

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