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Chloe Minx’s Hitachi Cum

Added: 06/03/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 6.40

Chloe’s Favorite Toy is the hitachi and this video show you why as she goes for two orgasms. The best thing about multiple orgasm shoot is that it gives the photog the chance to get two different angles and Michelle does a great job. The first is from over her head where you can see a great view of her face as she cums, the next is from between her legs and you can see her pussy gently contracting as she orgasms. Both are so awesome. Enjoy!

Selina Haze's Water Fantasy

Added: 06/02/2018 | Featuring: Selina Haze | Rating: 9.00

Selina Haze's best and longest running sexual fantasy involves water. Any takers on making her dream of fucking in a pool a reality? Asian mermaid fantasy anyone? Hopefully someone helps her make all her dreams come true!

A Contrast in Beauty

Added: 06/01/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

Two very different looks and yet too amazingly beautiful women. Watch this sexy bonus video of them spanking, kissing, spanking and then kissing again. Now that is a good rotation of activities!

Chloe's Talks Masturbation and Sex

Added: 05/31/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 10.00

27 Year old Virgo Chloe is a perfectionist who doesn’t like a mess. She changes the sheets after every orgasm had in her bed. She started touching herself pretty young and used to put towels by the crack of the door to hide the noise and to keep people from bugging her. Her favorite toy now is the Hitachi and a few good cums always wakes her up vs. making her sleepy. Enjoy all the pics and vids of sexy Aussie hottie Chloe Minx.

Selina Haze Clit Frenzy

Added: 05/30/2018 | Featuring: Selina Haze | Rating: 10.00

Selina Haze loves her clit. She's had it pierced twice! Watch as she pays special attention to her lovely pleasure button, fingering and rubbing her clit until she has an amazing, body-jerking orgasm. This asian MILF knows her body!

Caleign Co & Summer Lynn Lesbian Fun!

Added: 05/29/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

Caleigh Co is a bisexual beauty with an amazing body and she was eager to taste Summer Lynn Somers sweet pussy. We were happy to get these 2 hotties together. They couldn't keep their hands off one another, with lots of kissing, sexy caresses and pussy tasting fun time, of course. Enjoy as these gorgeous ladies pleasure one another's luscious pussy.

Chloe Minx Masturbation Biography

Added: 05/28/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 10.00

Chloe Minx Masturbation Biography

Selina Haze's Masturbation Interview

Added: 05/27/2018 | Featuring: Selina Haze | Rating: 9.00

Selina Haze is coming up to her dirty 30's and finds herself getting hornier and hornier. Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend works different hours and can't always take care of her needs. Fortunately for us, Selina is a masturbation pro and takes care of her needs when and how she feels like it. Usually every night. Learn more as she tells us about her pussy preferences and methods.

Chloe Minx BBW Sexpot

Added: 05/25/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 10.00

Big girls like to have fun too and beautiful BBW Chloe Minx proves it. Anyone would love to play with those giant tits all day. How does she get anything done? Enjoy as Chloe plays with her tiny hairless pussy too!

Selina Haze Masturbation Biography

Added: 05/24/2018 | Rating: 9.00

Selina Haze Masturbation Biography

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