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Avalon Teases and Cums

Added: 06/22/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 9.71

Avalon starts with a few minutes of really great teasing and continues it off and on throughout the video. Some of our models tease better than others, however Avalon is a champion. She uses her fingers first as most of our Aussie girls tend to do, must be in the water down there, but then moves on to playing a bit with her Hitachi and her very pretty glass dildo. This is one hot mermaid. And if you don’t know that reference you better go back and study up on Avalon. Enjoy!

Harley and Lily talk Porn and Sex

Added: 06/21/2018 | Featuring: Harley Queen | Rating: 9.00

Twenty five year old Harley is a little shy but is very excited to be working with Lily on creating some great female centric porn given that she feels that what is out there now is very male focused. We totally agree of course. As a side note I love how her hair matches her baby doll lingerie. Harley is very authentic and the highlight of the interview for me was delving deep into her spank bank to learn what get her off. This includes shibari and the idea of being bound and fucked by many random people anonymously. She masturbates multiple times a day and if she had a car she would definitely masturbate in it, gofundme anyone?!?

Sierra Knight's Expressive O Face

Added: 06/20/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Knight | Rating: 6.67

Oh the O Face. Watch Sierra Knight's expressive face along with her precious hairless pussy as she works towards an awesome orgasm. The pleasure on her face is clear as she earns that orgasm and as it turns out, breaks her favorite toy in the process. She fucked that toy to death. Lucky toy!

Avalon's Tit Shaking Sex Talk

Added: 06/19/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 10.00

Avalon is energetic, giddy and just plain hilarious. She loves sex for the feeling it gives her and pretty much leaves out the emotional aspect of it, also she is a mermaid sometimes on the weekend. This Yanks girl is certainly unique and she loves to shake her giant tits during her interview, which is just awesome. And when I say giant, I mean GIANT, beautiful creamy double Fs. She has came from tight jeans and the occasional cucumber here and there and if given the opportunity she would bang the Weasley twins, lol. Avalon is just awesome, enjoy!

Harley Queen's Masturbation Biography

Added: 06/18/2018 | Featuring: Harley Queen | Rating: 9.00

Harley Queen's Masturbation Biography

Sierra Knight's Intimate Secrets

Added: 06/17/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Knight | Rating: 10.00

Sierra Knight shares all of her intimate masturbation secrets, desires and pleasures in this sexy interview. Find out how she had her first orgasm in boarding school and how she hopes to have a gang-bang one day. We hope all of this sexy beauty's dreams come true.

Avalon's Masturbation Biography

Added: 06/16/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 10.00

Avalon's Masturbation Biography

Harley Queen Curvy Vixen

Added: 06/15/2018 | Featuring: Harley Queen | Rating: 10.00

If you like alt girls, you'll love Harley Queen, with her piercings, tattoos and prominent eyebrows. This curvy babe is smoking hot in her fishnet stockings. You'll love the view from behind when she gets on all fours and plays with her tidy pussy.

Sierra Knight's Masturbation Biography

Added: 06/14/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Knight | Rating: 9.00

Sierra Knight's Masturbation Biography

Avalon - Curvy Goddess

Added: 06/13/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 10.00

Sultry redhead Avalon is here to show off her luscious curves. Those gigantic tits must be awesome playthings for Avalon or her lucky suitors! Does the carpet match the curtains you ask? There is no carpet! Avalon loves her pussy hairless as the day she was born. Then there is nothing to get in the way of her horny finger play.

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