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Sage and Simona - Nature Love

Added: 10/14/2018 | Featuring: SageSage & SimonaSimona | Rating: 6.00

Katrina P.'s Finger Fuck

Added: 10/13/2018 | Featuring: Katrina P. | Rating: 9.75

Lila Night - Seriously Sexy!

Added: 10/12/2018 | Featuring: Lila Night | Rating: 9.17

Kimberly Marie Cums

Added: 10/10/2018 | Featuring: Kimberly Marie | Rating: 7.50

Heather G.'s Big Cum

Added: 10/09/2018 | Featuring: Heather G. | Rating: 8.75

Sondrine’s Favorite Body Part

Added: 10/08/2018 | Featuring: Sondrine | Rating: 9.00

Like every person Sondrine has a favorite body part. Give this clip a short listen and find out which of her beautiful body parts she likes best and why.

Katrina P.'s Interview

Added: 10/08/2018 | Featuring: Katrina P. | Rating: 10.00

Mindy’s Toy Collection

Added: 10/07/2018 | Featuring: Mindy | Rating: 9.00

Mindy knows what she likes and it not afraid to own a toy that does just that thing. Listen to this short clip of Mindy going through her favorite toys from her collection and tell you what each one does for her and her partner. Thanks Mindy, this type of Yanks Girl inside info is priceless and we all love hearing about it

Carmen Monroe's Interview

Added: 10/06/2018 | Featuring: Carmen Monroe | Rating: 10.00

Stephie Staar Outdoor Orgasm

Added: 10/05/2018 | Featuring: Stephie Staar | Rating: 9.00

Stephie Staar loves being naked in nature. The fresh air makes her want to take everything off and once she does, she can't help but pay some attention to her lovely hairless lady bits. Nature orgasms are the best especially with Stephie Staar.

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