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Daliah's Jerk Off Suggestions

Added: 08/01/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 10.00

Hey Ladies (and maybe guys too) - having trouble getting started masturbating? Daliah Amor has some fantastic suggestions to get you going and cumming like a pro before you know it.

Late Bloomer Sonia’s First time

Added: 07/31/2018 | Featuring: Sonia Harcourt | Rating: 9.00

Wow, Sonia was 23 before she lost her virginity. She did her research first, practiced, read up and watched a ton of porn. Gotta love the work she put into it. A great and very unique story about a girl’s first experience with sex and certainly worth a listen.

Fae D'Cay's Orgasm Face

Added: 07/30/2018 | Featuring: Fae D'cay | Rating: 9.00

Fae D'Cay, the lovely fairy girl, loves to touch her pussy. Watch her expressive face as she cums and cums and cums! See her waves of pleasure cross her face as she pleasures herself in the way only she can. Fae is a masturbation master!

Daliah Amor - Hot and Horny

Added: 07/29/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 9.00

Daliah Amor confesses that the hotter it gets, the hornier she is. It must be hot today because she can't keep her hands away from her pussy. Who could with such a smooth, hairless twat and luscious clit to play with? This girl is sexy as hell!

Sonia Gets Womanized

Added: 07/28/2018 | Featuring: Sonia Harcourt | Rating: 9.67

Sonia builds up and gets wetter and wetter as the video progresses. I wish we knew what she is watching on her phone, but clearly it is doing the trick. Her hips reaise higher and higher as her pussy begins to drip down the crack of her ass until, whamo, orgasmville! Enjoy! And watch for the couple of nice post orgasm contractions you can see if you look closely

Caleigh Co - The Perfect Blowjob

Added: 07/27/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 10.00

Caleigh Co is a blowjob expert and she describes how to give the best blowjob. Need some tips? Check this instructive video out.

Daliah Amor's Finger Fucking Fun

Added: 07/26/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 9.14

Daliah Amor gets off numerous times a day. Her first orgasm is pent up and waiting for her skillful fingers for release. Enjoy as this buxom brunette fingers her lovely hairless pussy until she comes hard.

Sonia gives the Anal Train a Test Ride

Added: 07/25/2018 | Featuring: Sonia Harcourt | Rating: 9.00

Während sie es den alten College versuchen, scheint anal nicht wirklich Sonias Sache sein. Eines der besten Dinge über Amis in meine voreingenommene Meinung ist die Frauen Ehrlichkeit. In diesem Video lernen wir ein Yanks Mädchen sexuelle Experimente zu hören, die zwar einen Versuch Wert, endete ihre Tasse Tee nicht wirklich sexuell zu sein. Gut für Sie dafür mindestens versuchen Sonia!

Mary Jane’s Full Body Hitachi Massage

Added: 07/24/2018 | Featuring: Mary Jane Jackson | Rating: 10.00

I have always wondered if the Hitachi can be used to actually massage muscles that umm, cough, aren’t between your legs. Well, I guess the answer is mixed. Apparently you can start using it anywhere…but it eventually finds its way to your crotch. And when it does, oh boy it does the job. Her orgasm is fast with some really quick short visible contractions that continue slowly as she lays there in her afterglow; that part of the video might be the most beautiful, the site of a very satisfied pussy.

Daliah Amor Intimate Interview

Added: 07/23/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 9.00

Daliah Amor loves to dominate men and she is a horny, naughty girl. Daliah loves to get off, confessing to jerking off twice a day almost ever day. And the hotter the weather, the hornier she gets. She came 15 times on a camping trip once! No wonder she shaves her pussy so perfectly! She doesn't need any hair in her way. Enjoy as this hottie spills her taboo fantasies and sexy stories and desires.

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