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Tindra finds out Sex isn’t Gross

Added: 03/28/2018 | Featuring: Tindra Frost | Rating: 10.00

Listen as Tindra tells us the first time that sex seemed appealing and fun to her. Of course it involves some found porn via a horny teenage farm boy. Fun little story and my gawd her boobs are simply gorgeous.

Mira London's Happy Trail

Added: 03/27/2018 | Featuring: Mira London | Rating: 10.00

Mira London is one sexy honey. She is just so pretty with gorgeous eyes and a gleaming smile. But you have to love her happy trail that leads right to her gorgeous trimmed on the top and bushy on the bottom pussy. Mira London is absolute eye candy.

Caleigh Topping

Added: 03/26/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 10.00

Another super informative video from Professor Co, mostly naked it of course. So while I am joking lightly here, I have truly learned quite a bit from Caleigh about sex, power dynamic and what vibrators are made of. This is where our female produced approach really pays off, listen to these women and what they really want in bed, this stuff is pure gold. Thanks again Caleigh, it is great to have you as a part of Yanks!

Laura Francis' Masturbation Biography

Added: 03/26/2018 | Featuring: Laura Francis | Rating: 10.00

Laura Francis' Masturbation Biography

Emily Blacc’s Lady Friend

Added: 03/25/2018 | Featuring: Emily Blacc | Rating: 10.00

A short “pussy out” bonus video with Emily describing an Airbnb threesome made courtesy of Tinder. Isn’t the sharing location based world simply awesome? I know I love it and you will love hearing about this experience first-hand from a cute naked Emily. Also, spoiler alert, she ended up with a girlfriend out of it. ;) Enjoy!

Tindra’s Adorable Interview

Added: 03/25/2018 | Featuring: Tindra Frost | Rating: 8.50

Tindra is a super cute British girl who for some reason would like to fuck Vladimir Putin. Her reasoning is that Vlad is the ultimate bad-boy. I guess we can give her that and her next choice of Miley Cyrus makes me forget the Vlad deal. Tindra likes to fuck in public and has done so in public bathrooms, forests and even on a ski lift. Tindra loves to get off so much so she has cum an innumerable time in one day only stopping because her bits got too swollen to come, I love that about her. She is also a humper who learned to masturbate hanging from a door and grinding against the door knob. She is really enjoyable to watch and get to know. Welcome to Yanks Tindra.

Laney's Pussy Gets Wet

Added: 03/24/2018 | Featuring: Laney | Rating: 10.00

Laney is oh so pretty in her pink skirt, but soon all we see is the pink of her light skin and perfect pussy. She slowly strips to show off her big boobies and her fingers soon find their way to her already wet pussy. Enjoy Laney's lightly colored hairy bush and armpits as she poses and plays.

Laura Francis Plays in the Tub

Added: 03/23/2018 | Featuring: Laura Francis | Rating: 10.00

Alternative hottie Laura Francis thinks it's time to clean up and has some sensual and private fun time in the tub. She's a sexy tattooed beauty with a spectacular hairy bush. You'll need your own bath after you watch lovely Laura spread her cotton candy pink lips.

Tindra Frost's Masturbation Biography

Added: 03/22/2018 | Featuring: Tindra Frost | Rating: 10.00

Tindra Frost's Masturbation Biography

Caleigh watches Hardcore Porn

Added: 03/21/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 10.00

The feminist in me appreciates how Caleigh always starts her video with such an intellectual discussion, the dog in my loves this girl´s insanely great ass. I suppose both are acceptable. This is one of those videos where you find yourself pausing because the view is so fantastic, again that as and those beautiful soft feet. This is a super-hot video of a girl that is as close to perfection as you can get. Thanks Caleigh, we love you!

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