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Stephie Staar Close-up Orgasm

Added: 10/01/2018 | Featuring: Stephie Staar | Rating: 10.00

Cutie Stephie Staar tears off her cute pink and blue PJs to make her cute pink and pinker pussy cum; and the all with you about two inches away from her junk. I love how driven to orgasm she is, she is laser focused, hardly moving the vibe off her clit for even one second until her pussy gushes.

Envy's Fingers Go Deep

Added: 10/01/2018 | Featuring: Envy | Rating: 8.91

Kristine Adam’s Masturbation Method

Added: 09/30/2018 | Featuring: Kristine Adams | Rating: 10.00

We all know that girls love good sex toys, but how often do you really get into the nitty gritty details of what they love about them and how exactly they use them? Not very often really, so here is Kristine to give you some insight into her favorite way to masturbate and cum.

Violet Wakes up to a Giant Black Cock

Added: 09/29/2018 | Featuring: Violet Russo | Rating: 10.00

Violet is back and that is not a small dildo that she is getting into. It is so pretty to see it slide in and out of her slowly at first and then so sexy to see her pound herself with it later eventually leading to a very fulfilling cum. The video was also done so well with great angles of her beautiful dark pussy. Leave in the comments what angle you liked best; did you like from the side, above, close-up or from behind best? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled at the end to witness the strength of her post orgasm contractions.

Marina's Lazy Horny Day

Added: 09/28/2018 | Featuring: Marina | Rating: 10.00

Sexy Marina has a day off and spends it lounging around, feeling sexy and horny. She loves her alone time and loves to take naps and play with her pussy for hours. Enjoy this all natural hottie as she bares all.

Sierra gets Tied up and Fisted to Orgasm

Added: 09/27/2018 | Featuring: EndzaEndza & Sierra CirqueSierra Cirque | Rating: 10.00

Sierra is tied up and fisted to orgasm. I didn’t know that this video was even going to go there. First two fingers, then three, then four and then whamo! You can tell how much she is enjoying the intensity and tightness. And I now love the term “Oh Jesus Fuck!” This is a hot video with lots to love if you are into a little bit of pain.

Violet’s Post Orgasm Wrap-up

Added: 09/26/2018 | Featuring: Violet Russo | Rating: 10.00

This is so much better than the post-game wrap up of a futbol or football or footie match. Who wouldn’t rather hear about contracting pussies and pulsing clits over goals and touchdowns scored. I know I would and if you agree, than you know what to do.

Joy's Multiple Orgasms

Added: 09/25/2018 | Featuring: Joy | Rating: 10.00

This girl can cum and cum and cum. Wow. And the way her tits are just pouring out of the top of her bra the whole time she is having mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm isn't bad either. Great video of a very sexually rambunctious Aussie Cutie. EnJoy!

Amber Chase's Huge Perky Tits

Added: 09/24/2018 | Featuring: Amber Chase | Rating: 8.00

Amber Chase is feeling sexy in her lacy red lingerie. Enjoy as she strips and gives you a view of everything underneath. Her huge pert tits look simply suckable and her gorgeously pink pussy will make you drool with lust.

Violet Russo Horny Vixen

Added: 09/23/2018 | Featuring: Violet Russo | Rating: 10.00

Violet Russo teases us with her fantastic peek-a-boo bra. Her nipples are just dying to get out and be touched. Violet plays with her gorgeous dark areolas as well as that fantastically smooth pussy of hers. This exotic beauty is the woman of your wet dreams.

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