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Mab’s Rocking Orgasm

Added 07/14/2018 | Featuring: Mab Dabble | Rating: 9.33

There is something super-hot about her technique in this video. It is hard to put my finger on it, but it is just really authentic and intense. I believe it is just the the way she just sits on the edge of the footstool and rocks back and forth trying to keep a rhythm but you can tell the pleasure is making it difficult. I also really love how much she looks at and focusing on her pussy while she vibrates her clit. Enjoy the intensity of the Mab’s mad rocking orgasm!

Mary Jane Jackson's Sex Life Interview

Added 07/12/2018 | Featuring: Mary Jane Jackson | Rating: 9.00

Teen Mary Jane Jackson is a bit shy, but shares her deepest secrets and desires with us in this intimate interview. Mary Jane Jackson is queer, but fucks guys and girls, leaning towards the fairer sex. She loves getting her pussy eaten and eating pussy and we think we are in love. Find out all about Mary Jane Jackson!

Andre Shakti's Big Dick Cum

Added 07/08/2018 | Featuring: Andre Shakti | Rating: 9.00

Andre Shakti's biggest orgasms happen when she has clit stimulation and something inside her pussy. The bigger the insertion object, the bigger the orgasm. There was no one to fist her today for her biggest cum, but she did bring her big dick-shaped dildo and has a crazy big orgasm. Enjoy as this sexy and super beautiful woman shares her hot pussy play with you!

Harley lets her Fingers do the Work

Added 07/03/2018 | Featuring: Harley Queen | Rating: 10.00

Sometimes all you need to get off is some good ole’ girl power vs. battery power. This is one of those times and Harley gets the job done. I was a bit sad knowing that her using a dildo and her fingers would mean we would not see any contractions when she came, but her full body convulsions really make up for it. There is no doubt about the realness of this chica’s orgasms, holy moly they look like they feel good. I have a feeling many of you will be joining her along for the ride during this video. Enjoy!

The Pleasure of Avalon

Added 07/01/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 8.67

The second video of Avalon is guaranteed to drive you crazy, especially if you are a lover of gigantic boobs. Wow, I have watched this video a few times now to write the description and every time I watch I just get lost in that chest of hers. I love her boobs and thankfully for us all she loves them as well. But of course Yanks is not a big boob site and while they are nice, what we all want to see is Avalon cum again and she does not disappoint. Her orgasm comes on fast and hard and the way her boobs bounce as she masturbates is just intoxicating.

Sierra Knight's Slick Snatch

Added 06/29/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Knight | Rating: 8.00

Sierra Knight brought her favorite dual-pronged, clit-tickling vibrator and it got her wet so fast! Watch as she works it in and out of her slick pussy, finally focusing on her clit for a stiff-legged moment of orgasmic bliss. This girl with her perfectly pert tits and gorgeous hairless pussy is a dream!

Harley ‘s Incredible Orgasm Contractions

Added 06/24/2018 | Featuring: Harley Queen | Rating: 10.00

We learned in Harley’s interview that her clit is insanely sensitive. You can totally tell how sensitive in the video as the first touch of the vibe on her clit clearly sends sexual shocks through her system. And that sensitivity last through the whole video as she presses the vibe hard against her clit while keeping her legs out taut in front of her. And then boom! Wow! Her orgasmic contractions are incredibly powerful and sexy. You could see how good her orgasm felt. What an insanely hot video.

Avalon Teases and Cums

Added 06/22/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 9.71

Avalon starts with a few minutes of really great teasing and continues it off and on throughout the video. Some of our models tease better than others, however Avalon is a champion. She uses her fingers first as most of our Aussie girls tend to do, must be in the water down there, but then moves on to playing a bit with her Hitachi and her very pretty glass dildo. This is one hot mermaid. And if you don’t know that reference you better go back and study up on Avalon. Enjoy!

Harley and Lily talk Porn and Sex

Added 06/21/2018 | Featuring: Harley Queen | Rating: 9.00

Twenty five year old Harley is a little shy but is very excited to be working with Lily on creating some great female centric porn given that she feels that what is out there now is very male focused. We totally agree of course. As a side note I love how her hair matches her baby doll lingerie. Harley is very authentic and the highlight of the interview for me was delving deep into her spank bank to learn what get her off. This includes shibari and the idea of being bound and fucked by many random people anonymously. She masturbates multiple times a day and if she had a car she would definitely masturbate in it, gofundme anyone?!?

Sierra Knight's Expressive O Face

Added 06/20/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Knight | Rating: 6.67

Oh the O Face. Watch Sierra Knight's expressive face along with her precious hairless pussy as she works towards an awesome orgasm. The pleasure on her face is clear as she earns that orgasm and as it turns out, breaks her favorite toy in the process. She fucked that toy to death. Lucky toy!

Avalon's Tit Shaking Sex Talk

Added 06/19/2018 | Featuring: Avalon | Rating: 10.00

Avalon is energetic, giddy and just plain hilarious. She loves sex for the feeling it gives her and pretty much leaves out the emotional aspect of it, also she is a mermaid sometimes on the weekend. This Yanks girl is certainly unique and she loves to shake her giant tits during her interview, which is just awesome. And when I say giant, I mean GIANT, beautiful creamy double Fs. She has came from tight jeans and the occasional cucumber here and there and if given the opportunity she would bang the Weasley twins, lol. Avalon is just awesome, enjoy!

Sierra Knight's Intimate Secrets

Added 06/17/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Knight | Rating: 10.00

Sierra Knight shares all of her intimate masturbation secrets, desires and pleasures in this sexy interview. Find out how she had her first orgasm in boarding school and how she hopes to have a gang-bang one day. We hope all of this sexy beauty's dreams come true.

Chloe Minx Fucks herself Silly

Added 06/12/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 8.67

Chloe looks very Minx-like as this video starts. I absolutely love the lingerie under the jeans look, so sexy. The video is self only gets better; she starts with just fingers, but eventually adds in a huge black dildo. This is just a gut feeling here, however it seems like the dildo was going to make her cum to fast and she backed off a bit to go fingers only.

Caleigh gets the Orgasm Assist

Added 06/10/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

What an awesome video. It starts off slow and sensual with loving smooches and caresses and ends with Caleigh very aggressively fingering SummerX while she attacks her clit with the Hitachi. There is a lot of real squirting and some really loud moans as she is cumming. This is one of the real orgasms that make this site so special.

Chloe has Played all over Town

Added 06/09/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 10.00

Chloe and Michelle discuss all the places that Chloe has masturbated or fucked. Her favorite is to tease men and women at the adult local cinema. Nice! I want to know when that happens; I wish she would put out a schedule. Thanks Chloe!

Selina Haze is Multi-Orgasmic

Added 06/05/2018 | Featuring: Selina Haze | Rating: 10.00

Selina Haze cums 4 times during this super sexy video. She brought her Hitachi and that vibrating toy is just an orgasm machine! Watch her squirm and writhe as she repeatedly pleasures her perfect pussy.

The Pleasuring of Caleigh

Added 06/04/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 9.20

This video had me at 1:30 with the unsnapping of Caleigh’s leotard, my god that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen on video. And I thought that until about 40 seconds later when Caleigh gets fingered exceptionally deeply. After that I stopped thinking about how hot it would get and just focused on the action. However what happens at the 5:50 mark will just blow your mind and I will leave it at that.

Chloe Minx’s Hitachi Cum

Added 06/03/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 6.40

Chloe’s Favorite Toy is the hitachi and this video show you why as she goes for two orgasms. The best thing about multiple orgasm shoot is that it gives the photog the chance to get two different angles and Michelle does a great job. The first is from over her head where you can see a great view of her face as she cums, the next is from between her legs and you can see her pussy gently contracting as she orgasms. Both are so awesome. Enjoy!

Chloe's Talks Masturbation and Sex

Added 05/31/2018 | Featuring: Chloe Minx | Rating: 10.00

27 Year old Virgo Chloe is a perfectionist who doesn’t like a mess. She changes the sheets after every orgasm had in her bed. She started touching herself pretty young and used to put towels by the crack of the door to hide the noise and to keep people from bugging her. Her favorite toy now is the Hitachi and a few good cums always wakes her up vs. making her sleepy. Enjoy all the pics and vids of sexy Aussie hottie Chloe Minx.

Selina Haze Clit Frenzy

Added 05/30/2018 | Featuring: Selina Haze | Rating: 10.00

Selina Haze loves her clit. She's had it pierced twice! Watch as she pays special attention to her lovely pleasure button, fingering and rubbing her clit until she has an amazing, body-jerking orgasm. This asian MILF knows her body!

Selina Haze's Masturbation Interview

Added 05/27/2018 | Featuring: Selina Haze | Rating: 9.00

Selina Haze is coming up to her dirty 30's and finds herself getting hornier and hornier. Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend works different hours and can't always take care of her needs. Fortunately for us, Selina is a masturbation pro and takes care of her needs when and how she feels like it. Usually every night. Learn more as she tells us about her pussy preferences and methods.

Peachy Fingers herself to a Toe-Curling Orgasm

Added 05/22/2018 | Featuring: Peachy | Rating: 10.00

Again, Peaches nails drive me crazy, so red, so vampy. And then watching those vampy fingers pleasure herself, first over her panties and then dancing on her clit is something to behold; all while her fire engine red painted toes curled. This is such a hot video. Enjoy

Lady Jane Fucks Her Toothbrushes

Added 05/15/2018 | Featuring: Lady Jane | Rating: 9.00

Lady Jane doesn't need to spend any money on sex toys. She finds all of her pussy pleasuring tools around her house. She loves long items which go deep in her hole like paintbrushes and toothbrushes. And she likes to use them in ones and twos to better fill her lovely pussy. Enjoy as Lady Jane has a good cum with her toothbrushes from home.

Sierra licks Endza over the Edge

Added 05/14/2018 | Featuring: EndzaEndza & Sierra CirqueSierra Cirque | Rating: 10.00

There is nothing like watching one woman making another woman cum. And this video leaves no doubt as to the authenticity of Endza’s orgasm. The curled toes, the contractions, those lovely screams, yep this is the real deal. Enjoy watching this inked up beauty get pleasured with Sierra’s magic tongue.

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