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Caleigh gets the Orgasm Assist

Added 06/10/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

What an awesome video. It starts off slow and sensual with loving smooches and caresses and ends with Caleigh very aggressively fingering SummerX while she attacks her clit with the Hitachi. There is a lot of real squirting and some really loud moans as she is cumming. This is one of the real orgasms that make this site so special.

The Pleasuring of Caleigh

Added 06/04/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 9.20

This video had me at 1:30 with the unsnapping of Caleigh’s leotard, my god that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen on video. And I thought that until about 40 seconds later when Caleigh gets fingered exceptionally deeply. After that I stopped thinking about how hot it would get and just focused on the action. However what happens at the 5:50 mark will just blow your mind and I will leave it at that.

Caleign Co & Summer Lynn Lesbian Fun!

Added 05/29/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh CoCaleigh Co & Summer LynnSummer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

Caleigh Co is a bisexual beauty with an amazing body and she was eager to taste Summer Lynn Somers sweet pussy. We were happy to get these 2 hotties together. They couldn't keep their hands off one another, with lots of kissing, sexy caresses and pussy tasting fun time, of course. Enjoy as these gorgeous ladies pleasure one another's luscious pussy.

Endza & Sierra Cirque Pussy Licking Fun

Added 05/11/2018 | Featuring: EndzaEndza & Sierra CirqueSierra Cirque | Rating: 10.00

Endza and Sierra Cirque are 2 bisexual beauties who love to make other hotties cum just as much as themselves. Watch as Endza and Sierra both display their pussy eating prowess. These girls have some serious skills with their tongues and their fingers.

Penny Lay & Sosha Belle Pussy Pleasing Play

Added 10/17/2017 | Featuring: Penny LayPenny Lay & Sosha BelleSosha Belle | Rating: 10.00

When Penny Lay and Sosha Belle get together the sparks fly. Enjoy as these 2 hotties play with and please the others' pretty pussy. Lots of kissing, licking and sucking with your lesbian bff is the best way to start the day!

Hope Gets Stephie Off

Added 09/23/2017 | Featuring: Hope GoldHope Gold & Stephie StaarStephie Staar | Rating: 9.33

In the second part of these girls’ encounter Stephie is the beneficiary of the sexual energy as Hope gets her off. They start with some funny smooching. Seriously I have never seen too girls enjoy kissing each other more. No problem though as it is simply adorable. The cute stuff only lasts so long though as the girls quickly get down to the more serious business of orgasm production. Is that a thing? Well it is here at Yanks.

The Asian Massage we are all Waiting to See

Added 09/17/2017 | Featuring: Hope GoldHope Gold & Stephie StaarStephie Staar | Rating: 8.60

Well it only starts off as a massage and then as they say, things escalated quickly. I truly love how playful these girls are and they really love kissing each other, everywhere. In the first part of Hope and Stephie’s lesbian encounter Stephie takes care of Hope with a giant dildo, giving us all a great view of every inch of penetration of Hope’s beautiful tight pussy. Eventually the deep slow penetration which she asks for pushes her over the edge. Enjoy! And look for part 2.

Hope & Stephie - Pussy Loving Lesbians

Added 09/08/2017 | Featuring: Hope GoldHope Gold & Stephie StaarStephie Staar | Rating: 10.00

Hope Gold and Stephie Staar are skilled pussy licking vixens. Stephie licks Hope's snatch like a pro and Hope pays back the pleasure with her skilled tongue and fingers. These girls are what lesbian dreams are made of.

Midori Black - The "Church Incident"

Added 08/16/2017 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 8.40

When your lesbian lover is fingering you while you are driving and you want to go down her where is the best place to pull over and take care of your needs? Well church of course. This story is hot and cute; also it kind of makes me want to go to church.

Penny and Pepper Kissing: Part Two

Added 08/15/2017 | Featuring: Penny LayPenny Lay & Pepper HartPepper Hart | Rating: 9.00

This time the girls are standing up, kissing and fingering. I love Pepper’s gorgeous stomach and how you can just see her pubic hair. Short and very sweet video.

Pepper Loves Making Penny Cum

Added 08/12/2017 | Featuring: Penny LayPenny Lay & Pepper HartPepper Hart | Rating: 9.11

You can see how wet Penny is just right from the beginning as they are kissing. Her shiny slick pussy is absolutely beautiful to see. The communication between these two is almost as hot as the lesbian action itself. The questions, the consent and Penny letting Pepper know what she likes, Pepper’s moans and Pepper’s real true desire to make Penny cum hard. What a hot scene and a great ending.

Penny Lay and Pepper Hart Makeout

Added 07/31/2017 | Featuring: Penny LayPenny Lay & Pepper HartPepper Hart | Rating: 8.80

Penny Lay and Pepper Hart love to kiss. These two lesbians makeout and Penny just can't keep her hands off of Pepper's pussy. Enjoy as these lesbians' foreplay gets steamy.

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