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Ana Molly Loves Hardcore Porn

Added 02/16/2018 | Featuring: Ana Molly | Rating: 9.00

"Regular porn" is too boring for Ana Molly. That's why she's always looking for weirder and weirder hardcore stuff. The kinkier, the more bizarre, the better. The ways people think of to enjoy and express their sexualities are constantly expanding and Ana thinks it's beautiful to witness. In this video, she tells you all about it.

Summer Lynn Somers Explains Squirting

Added 02/15/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

Summer Lynn Somers shares her experiences with squirting. If you think squirting is pee or gross, listen to what sex educator and master squirter Summer Lynn has to say about it. She'll give you the whole true scoop about squirting and maybe entice you to try it yourself or with your partner.

Summer Lynn Somers Likes Butt Play

Added 02/09/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 4.00

Summer Lynn Somers Loves to give and receive butt stimulation. She recommends adding butt play to your sex life whether you are male or female. Listen as she shares her experiences and being a sex therapist, she will also give you a few tips about how to best enjoy some butt love in your own sex play.

Belle Loves Filthy Porn

Added 02/07/2018 | Featuring: Belle | Rating: 10.00

Belle says she watches porn more than she cooks....so A LOT! And this sexy vixen loves the filthiest porn she can find. She wants to see gang bangs and lots of cocks in one hole and a girl covered in goo. My my Belle, you have a dirty mind! Who could have guessed looking at your sweet face?

Lulu's Guide to Anal Sex

Added 02/02/2018 | Featuring: Lulu Reynolds | Rating: 10.00

First to note, the hip bumps in the beginning are just cute and sexy. I love the way she bounces! But the tips to anal are as follows. 1. Prep (wink) 2. Watch a movie first and ease into it, ok, odd, but who knows. 3. Use lube 4. Stimulate other bits 5. Relax 6-? you have to watch the rest, they are good though and funny. Love this girl!

Valentine's Gives a Great Birthday Gift

Added 02/01/2018 | Featuring: Valentine | Rating: 10.00

For her birthday, Valentine's friend wanted to be tied up and fucked. Being the great friend that she is, Valentine and some of her gal pals made her friend's birthday wishes come true including giving her her first squirting experience. It sounds like we all need to get an invite to one of Valentine's parties!

Valentine's Hot Encounter with a Customer

Added 01/29/2018 | Featuring: Valentine | Rating: 9.00

I love these stories and it is so cool to know that dancers have these real experiences with customers. Valentine is a real women in the truest Yanks definition of the term. Totally dig her and her sexy stories.

Chloe's Wanking Decisions

Added 01/27/2018 | Featuring: Chloe B. | Rating: 5.00

Here is a short insight into some of the thoughts and conversation that goes into a Yanks shoot. It isn't always easy or obviuos. This snippet represents one one millionth of the inputs of what Yanks is.

Silly Time with Nichole

Added 01/25/2018 | Featuring: Nichole | Rating: 9.00

This is a bit of silly time with Nichole, nothing more. Well, there is a touch of up-skirt. And how can you take issue with that?

Sinn Sage is Queer

Added 01/25/2018 | Featuring: Sinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

For Sinn Sage being queer mean that she is attracted to people in genera and certainly people sexually specific; men, Women, Straight, Gay, Bi, Trans and non-binary are all on the table given the moment, situation and person. Sinn does feel more dominant when she is with women and with men she wants to be submissive and taken. Over all she wants people that are passionate about fucking her. That all works for Me.; What do you think?

Amber Chase Tells Her Secret

Added 01/21/2018 | Featuring: Amber Chase | Rating: 6.67

Amber Chase has a secret! She has an uncommon erogenous zone and gets wet and wild when someone touches or kisses her there. Find out where it is and listen to her sexy stories. That is if you can pay attention with those gorgeous and gigantic boobs out in the open.

Verronica’s Boy, Boy and her Threesome

Added 01/20/2018 | Featuring: Verronica | Rating: 2.00

Verronica shares the story of her and her boyfriend’s escapades on grinder and finding another boy to play with them. She shares the good bad and awkward. I wish we had the video of this encounter, there was apparently some double penetration and a cum bath, nice! Oh well, we will have to settle for the story and her using it from her Spank Bank.

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