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Amateur Sex Model Chleo Native

Chleo Native

About Chleo Native

Chleo has only ever masturbated with friends and partners, she has yet to experiment with toys. Her favorite way is using her own fingers and hands. Her first orgasm left her shaking and super sensitive for hours on end! Chleo has never been caught, but she has come close a few times, the risk of it forces her to lose her train of thought and makes orgasming very difficult. Her orgasms help her sleep at night, they completely wear her out and exhaust her.

Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Hometown: In Washington
Hobbies: photography, baking, cooking, cake decorating, graphic design, outdoor activities
Astrological Sign: Leo

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Chleo Native's Updates

Chleo Native's Hot And Heavy Fingering Session

Featuring: Chleo Native
Added: 01/18/2017

Rating: 9.14

Chleo Native's Best Sexual Positions

Featuring: Chleo Native
Added: 01/15/2017

Rating: 9.00

Chleo Native's Heavy Hot Fingering Session

Featuring: Chleo Native
Added: 01/12/2017

Rating: 8.80

Chleo Native's Most Orgasms

Featuring: Chleo Native
Added: 01/09/2017

Rating: 7.00

Chleo Native Bio

Featuring: Chleo Native
Added: 01/03/2017

Rating: 9.00

Chleo Native's Gorgeous Pale Body

Featuring: Chleo Native
Added: 12/31/2016

Rating: 10.00

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