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Philanthropy / About Us

Yanks Giving Back

Yanks is proud to have formed a partnership with Call to Safety, an Oregon based non-profit that works to ensure that everyone has a life free of domestic and sexual violence. CallToSafety.org

Our Partnership.

$1 of every new Yanks sale will go to Call to Safety. Prices have not been raised for this initiative. This is simply a way for Yanks and its generous and thoughtful community of 14 years to give back.

Call to Safety

Founded in 1973 by a handful of women concerned about the prevalence of sexual assault in the community, Call to Safety, formerly the Portland Women’s Crisis Line (PWCL), was one of the first five sexual violence crisis lines in the United States. Throughout the years they have expanded their programs that now include a 24/7 Crisis Line, Sexual Assault Program, Community Outreach & Education, and Sex Industry Outreach. Over the past 40 years they have become the central hub for resources and information for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Their Mission

Call to Safety primarily provides services to a five-county area including Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Clark, and Columbia counties and the toll-free number can be called from anywhere. Call to Safety is not just a social service agency; it was also founded as a social change organization. They believe that domestic and sexual violence are widespread in our society. Their purpose is to not only empower those who experience violence, but also to end the oppressions and violence which causes them to seek out our services. Visit Call to Safety to donate or to learn more about the ways they help the victims of domestic and sexual violence.

The Yanks Team and our models believe it to be a moral imperative that every business gives back to the communities that support it. For us, one of those communities is obvious: women.

Why Are We Involved and Why Now?

Without Billie, our photographers and of course our beautiful, strong and open-minded Yanks Girls none of this would be possible. We are now proud to be working with Call to Safety and in doing so, we make Yanks a more holistic and positive force in the online adult ecosystem.

Yanks charity
Yanks philanthropy

So many members of the Yanks Team were raised by single mothers and a handful grew up in homes where emotional and sometimes physical violence was simply a part of life. Anyone who has ever lived with abuse has had the experience of wishing someone, anyone could give help and hope.

Why This Means So Much To Us Personally

Call to Safety can be that helping hand for others: women, men and children. That is why this is important to us and why we want to use what we have built here at Yanks and its community to make a difference. Please help us in this mission and support or continue to support this site and in turn this effort.

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