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[Coming Soon] Gorgeous Caleigh Co Posing

Coming on 03/02/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co

Don't miss 'Gorgeous Caleigh Co Posing' when it is released on 03/02/2018

Caleigh Co is simply gorgeous. She is quite fit and her body is stunning. Curiously, Caleigh keeps her armpits and pussy hairless or tightly trimmed, but prefers to have hairy legs. Whatever your hair preference, watching Caleigh strip down to her birthday suit is a true pleasure!

[Coming Soon] Getting to Know Lacey

Coming on 03/01/2018 | Featuring: Lacey Diamond

Don't miss 'Getting to Know Lacey' when it is released on 03/01/2018

Lacey is a 25 year old girl from Perth who loves the 90s. I say that because Brad Pitt made her "hot" list and her favorite movie is Gladiator (technically 2000) I love this about her; that and the fact that she loves cumming where she can be caught and she always has toe-curling orgasms. Check out the Yanks interview with her to learn if she is submissive or not, what she fantasizes about, where she has masturbated before and her thoughts on Anal. Enjoy Lacey folks!

[Coming Soon] Lilith’s Beautiful Agony

Coming on 03/01/2018 | Featuring: Lilith

Don't miss 'Lilith’s Beautiful Agony' when it is released on 03/01/2018

A short but sexy little video of Lilith’s face during the couple minutes leading up to her orgasm. Very sensual video with a very beautiful girl.

[Coming Soon] Sierra Cirque Fucks herself with the Happiest Dildo Ever

Coming on 02/28/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Cirque

Don't miss 'Sierra Cirque Fucks herself with the Happiest Dildo Ever' when it is released on 02/28/2018

Seriously when she pulls out that dildo you just have to smile, no words. Beyond that though, the video is hot, the way she sounds when she first touches her clit with the hitachi is so legit, you can tell it is making her feel so good. I also love seeing her feet off to the side while she jerks off and cums. Such a sexy video and what a beautiful creamy pussy, thanks Sierra!

[Coming Soon] What Makes Kylie Kandy Cum?

Coming on 02/27/2018 | Featuring: Kylie Kandy

Don't miss 'What Makes Kylie Kandy Cum?' when it is released on 02/27/2018

If you want to get Kylie Kandy off, she will tell you just how to do it in this short and sexy video. The key after her beloved Rabbit Toy is fingers. I love that she shows us what she likes with a little panty pull over.

[Coming Soon] Lacey Diamond's Masturbation Biography

Coming on 02/26/2018 | Featuring: Lacey Diamond

Don't miss 'Lacey Diamond's Masturbation Biography' when it is released on 02/26/2018

Lacey Diamond's Masturbation Biography

[Coming Soon] Sierra Cirque Reads a Story from Solotouch.com

Coming on 02/25/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Cirque

Don't miss 'Sierra Cirque Reads a Story from Solotouch.com' when it is released on 02/25/2018

Videos and pics are great to “enjoy yourself” to, however I have always felt that stories are a bit underrated. So then what is better than the video of a naked girl reading a story from our erotica site, Solotouch.com? Not much. Even though the story is only about foreplay, Sierra reading it is simply intoxicating. Very sexy, enjoy!

Verronica’s Saved Orgasm

Added: 02/24/2018 | Featuring: Verronica | Rating: 9.00

Verronica didn’t cum last night, she saved her orgasm(s) just for you! Now that is a dedicated Yanks girl. And the one she saved, wow, it definitely improved with age. Do orgasms gain interest? I think so, and by the looks of it I would say about 20% per day. Thanks for thinking of us Verronica! Enjoy!

Lacey is Petite and Shaved

Added: 02/23/2018 | Featuring: Lacey Diamond | Rating: 10.00

Blonde Lacey is a petite little princess. You'll love her tiny pert tits and her completely hairless pussy which allows you to see her darker pink labia perfectly. Lacey's backside view and her lovely puckered asshole is tantalizing too!

Sierra Cirque's Perfect Pussy

Added: 02/22/2018 | Featuring: Sierra Cirque | Rating: 9.00

Who doesn't love a sexy girl in glasses? Sierra Cirque is here looking smart and sexy in and out of her purple lingerie. She loves to finger her pussy and two fingers is just right. Watch as she inserts her fingers into her perfectly pink and manicured pussy. This girl is amazing!

Ezmerelda Swann's Hairy Muff

Added: 02/21/2018 | Featuring: Ezmerelda Swann | Rating: 9.00

Ezmerelda Swann is here for all of you hairy lady lovers out there. She goes all natural with unshaved armpits and a gorgeous, bushy, mufftacular snatch. Enjoy as Ezmerelda strips and poses and gives you a great view of all of her lovely bits.

Amber Chase's Suckable Titties

Added: 02/20/2018 | Featuring: Amber Chase | Rating: 9.00

Amber Chase's big ol' titties are simply luscious. Even when she takes her panties off, you may find your eyes still glued to those glorious boobs and her yummy erect nipples. Amber strips out of her pretty lingerie to give you a uninhibited view of all her perfect lady parts. Thanks Amber!

Ana Molly Tears into her Pussy

Added: 02/19/2018 | Featuring: Ana Molly | Rating: 9.60

There is something so hot about super aggressive female masturbation. It is just so sexy to see a girl frantically rubbing and touching herself, giving into that primal instinct of just wanting it to feel good between her legs. It is so hot! This video of always popular Ana Molly has just that, that primal drive to cum in full display. No more words, just watch.

Three Orgasms in Summer

Added: 02/18/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 7.33

Summer’s pussy is wet before she even starts to touch herself. I love this about her. When she does start the way she plays with her clit is adorable, I could watch just that for hours, but alas, she does eventually go for the high powered hardware in the form of the Hitachi. Once she starts with that the pre-orgasmic squirting starts and keeps on coming. I bit different that she squirts before she cums, but different is cool. I do hope she drinks some water after the shoot because I would imagine she dehydrated herself after squirting that much and cumming three times; my word what a great video.

Midori Black Naturally Loves Sex

Added: 02/17/2018 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 10.00

A great discussion with Midori detailing all the cool, kinky things she is into. Things like power exchanges, rope play and pole dancing. Midori is pan sexual and currently has a variety of interesting people as sexual partners. I think she is one of the most beautiful Yanks girls we have ever filmed. It is a joy to watch her masturbate. I wish we had more time with her.

Ana Molly Loves Hardcore Porn

Added: 02/16/2018 | Featuring: Ana Molly | Rating: 9.00

"Regular porn" is too boring for Ana Molly. That's why she's always looking for weirder and weirder hardcore stuff. The kinkier, the more bizarre, the better. The ways people think of to enjoy and express their sexualities are constantly expanding and Ana thinks it's beautiful to witness. In this video, she tells you all about it.

Summer Lynn Somers Explains Squirting

Added: 02/15/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 10.00

Summer Lynn Somers shares her experiences with squirting. If you think squirting is pee or gross, listen to what sex educator and master squirter Summer Lynn has to say about it. She'll give you the whole true scoop about squirting and maybe entice you to try it yourself or with your partner.

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