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Violet talks Sex and Masturbation

Added 09/17/2018 | Featuring: Violet Russo | Rating: 10.00

24 year old Violet likes swimming in natural water, but doesn’t like the beach so much because people tend to stare at her. Her teeth also tingle when she cums which is pretty unique. She is a fan of blow-job porn and has been masturbating forever and her fastest orgasm was basically instant; instant ties for 1st place on the site. Congrats! So needless to say she is wicked sensitive and really needs to work herself up before someone can even think about touching her clit. She has also realized how sensitive her clit is whenever she is fucking someone else with a clit. Interesting. Great interview from Michelle as always and there is plenty to learn about this super cool Yanks Girl.

Joy Cums Quickly and Often

Added 09/16/2018 | Featuring: Joy | Rating: 10.00

The only way to describe this video is an orgasm-fest. As you may know Joy is hyper sexually sensitive; so sensitive in fact that her inner thighs and nipples connect sexual energy directly to her clit. Both of those facts are evident in this video. She cums the first time quickly and then cums over and over and over and so on. She is a cum factory. EnJoy this video and EnJoy this fantastic Yanks Girl.

Sinn’s Very Wet Orgasms

Added 09/15/2018 | Featuring: Sinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

Some times when a girl has multiple orgasms you have to watch closely to determine where they are because some are big and others are mini orgasms that are harder to spot. Sometimes multiple orgasms run together into one longer one, but with Sinn, the orgasms are pretty easy to spot, lol. Watch and you will see exactly what I mean. You actually wouldn’t even need to be in the same room as your speakers to know and maybe not even in the same house as your speakers. But you know Sinn Sage always delivers, she is rock-star of a Yanks girl and you will love this video.

Joyz’s Post Orgasm Sex Chat

Added 09/13/2018 | Featuring: Joy | Rating: 10.00

Joy is an Aussie girl whose inner thighs and nipples are directly connected to her clitoris. I have heard the nipples described this way, but not the inner thighs; this is very interesting. Joy is also multi orgasmic and loves David Attenborough. I love both of these things about her. Cumming a ton and then napping while Attenborough drones on about bees, that sounds like a day. Do you get that one? Ok, not funny. But back to enjoying Joy and if you read her bio you will know she has had joy enjoying Joy and orgasming within 3 seconds! Wow, I enjoy that to be sure. Now I will stop. Let’s end this to just say that Joy also had enjoyed an occasional golden shower and has almost made a girl pass out when she fingered her.

Monte's Plugged Bum

Added 09/08/2018 | Featuring: Monte Cooper | Rating: 10.00

Good preparation is always a key to success and Monte comes prepared to cum with her bejeweled butt plug in place before her shoot. She then takes to it wit a purple unicorn horn dildo. I wonder is this is why girls like unicorns? Hmmmm, makes you wonder. I do really love the soft pastel colors of this video, they are beautiful with her red hair and soft tattoos. Great video with an orgasm announcement and some over sensitivity giggles.

Amber and Sinn 69

Added 09/04/2018 | Featuring: Amber ChaseAmber Chase & Sinn SageSinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

These two are no strangers to Yanks. Both are in the Yanks HOF. That being said, I would be a bit remiss to not admit that they are a bit more porny than the average Yanks girls. Of course, the video is still of two beautiful girls fucking and from what Lily has told me they really do love fucking each other, even if the dialogue and moaning is a bit over the top. No worries though! Enjoy the kissing, sucking, rubbing, 69ing and fingering fucking fun that is Amber and Sinn!

The Orgasm of Iris

Added 09/03/2018 | Featuring: Iris Ives | Rating: 9.33

Beautiful, strong and powerful are three words I would use to describe this video. Iris is stunningly gorgeous and her haircut gives her such a strong appeal. It reminds me of Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. She got herself into the mood for this session with some BDSM porn, the details of which she explains and ended lying in a blissful state with her cute natural pussy convulsing all on her own. I will let you watch to see what happens in between. Enjoy the strength and natural beauty of this unique Yanks Girl.

Monte Fucks her Pierced Pussy

Added 08/30/2018 | Featuring: Monte Cooper | Rating: 10.00

Monte’s piercings make her pussy super sensitive. So sensitive to the point that sometimes it is hard for her to wear jeans in public without being over stimulated. I think her sensitivity is evident in this video when she starting touching herself, she just seems to get lost in the sensations from beginning to orgasm. And those piercings, damn, those are cool, especially when you go through an airport X-ray machine.

Sinn gets Amber Off

Added 08/29/2018 | Featuring: Amber ChaseAmber Chase & Sinn SageSinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

Amber and Sinn are no strangers to Yanks. These girls are pros. And I would be remiss to not admit that they do come across a bit more porny than the average Yanks shoot. That being said, the video is still two beautiful girls fucking and from what Lily has told me they really do love fucking each other, even if the dialogue is a bit cheesy. Enjoy the kissing, sucking, rubbing and fingering fucking fun that is Amber and Sinn!

Eden’s New Toy

Added 08/26/2018 | Featuring: Eden Rose | Rating: 9.67

I love when our girls bring a new toy, especially one they have never used before. It always seems to get them new sensations that work out in all of our favors if you know what I mean. And I am sure you know what I mean. This toy is no exception. The moment she puts it on her clit you can tell that she is really digging the intensity. And it just builds and builds from there; I especially love how she keeps her fingers pressed into her little bum, yummy. Enjoy Eden and her new baby blue toy.

Abbie's Squirting Pussy

Added 08/25/2018 | Featuring: Abbie | Rating: 9.25

Another great video from Abbie. She starts off slowly playing in the mirror. And while I said this before and I can’t really say it enough, I really love how much she gets into every sensitive part of her body. She really loves to linger and build up. I bet her pussy is on fire before she actually gets to touching it. Damn, we can only imagine. Another thing I love about this video ae the shots from behind. The shot at 3:09 of her little pussy in her see through panties is just divine. Enjoy the build up and enjoy the fantastic explosive climax of Abbie.

Summer Lynn Gets Womanized

Added 08/18/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 8.00

Apparently this toy makes sometimes makes her cum too fast. While the buildup is nice it is hard to see this as that big of a problem. It is kind of hot though watching her try to hold back a bit and not cum too fast, she ends up switching toys though and that does the trick. She actually cums so hard she knocks the back of the chair off which seemed to startle here a bit out of her orgasm. Great video though and she is so genuine. Love her!

Japanese Abbie Vibes with her Blue Toy in Matching Panties

Added 08/16/2018 | Featuring: Abbie | Rating: 10.00

Abbie loves to play with her body and it really shows in this video. She spends a great deal of time building up her sexual tension by the way she touches herself outside her panties and vibes her nipples, pussy and asshole. When she cums, watch out for the surprise, I knew what to expect and was still surprised. And then after that, there are three more little surprises, lol. Kinda cute if you ask me.

22 year old Abbie’s Interview in Japanese

Added 08/13/2018 | Featuring: Abbie | Rating: 10.00

Abbie is an awesome addition to Yanks. In a Yanks first, Abbie does her interview all in Japanese. Don’t worry, we’ve translated for you! During the interview Abbie touches on her fantasies, what kind of porn she likes and how she likes to stimulate herself. Some of our members love the interviews and some of our members prefer to get directly to the good stuff. However I would highly suggest this video to both camps as it really is a unique and so sexy to hear someone speak Japanese describing such naughty and yummy thoughts. In her masturbation videos she is amazing as well, she loves to play with so many parts of her body. The way she builds up the sexual tension is just incredible. I love Abbie and I know you all will too!

Caleigh the Tomboy Femme and her Super Vibe

Added 08/06/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 10.00

Caleigh is back with the backyard that just won’t quit. Sorry I know that isn’t exactly a classy way to put it, however sometimes these descriptions just need to be what you feel in your heart. And my heart really hearts her ass and the way she moves it up and down as she gets closer and closer to cumming. There isn’t much else that needs to be said, that view is what this video is about. Enjoy!

Daliah Amor's Body Shaking Orgasm

Added 08/04/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 9.71

Daliah Amor has brought her trusty "body massager" and she gives her clit quite a treat. Watch as Daliah teases her pussy and ends with a body shaking, epic orgasm. She may need a nap after this one.

Sonia Gets Womanized

Added 07/28/2018 | Featuring: Sonia Harcourt | Rating: 9.67

Sonia builds up and gets wetter and wetter as the video progresses. I wish we knew what she is watching on her phone, but clearly it is doing the trick. Her hips reaise higher and higher as her pussy begins to drip down the crack of her ass until, whamo, orgasmville! Enjoy! And watch for the couple of nice post orgasm contractions you can see if you look closely

Daliah Amor's Finger Fucking Fun

Added 07/26/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 9.43

Daliah Amor gets off numerous times a day. Her first orgasm is pent up and waiting for her skillful fingers for release. Enjoy as this buxom brunette fingers her lovely hairless pussy until she comes hard.

Mary Jane’s Full Body Hitachi Massage

Added 07/24/2018 | Featuring: Mary Jane Jackson | Rating: 10.00

I have always wondered if the Hitachi can be used to actually massage muscles that umm, cough, aren’t between your legs. Well, I guess the answer is mixed. Apparently you can start using it anywhere…but it eventually finds its way to your crotch. And when it does, oh boy it does the job. Her orgasm is fast with some really quick short visible contractions that continue slowly as she lays there in her afterglow; that part of the video might be the most beautiful, the site of a very satisfied pussy.

Daliah Amor Intimate Interview

Added 07/23/2018 | Featuring: Daliah Amor | Rating: 9.00

Daliah Amor loves to dominate men and she is a horny, naughty girl. Daliah loves to get off, confessing to jerking off twice a day almost ever day. And the hotter the weather, the hornier she gets. She came 15 times on a camping trip once! No wonder she shaves her pussy so perfectly! She doesn't need any hair in her way. Enjoy as this hottie spills her taboo fantasies and sexy stories and desires.

Sonia Old Fashions to Twitter

Added 07/22/2018 | Featuring: Sonia Harcourt | Rating: 10.00

While we have a lot of girls that masturbate to porn, Sonia is the first social media masturbator and twitter is her poison. This is a fantastic video, I personally love when girls masturbate to porn, I particularly love when they stay focused right until the very end, and Sonia does. Not that it is that bad when they just use the porn to get excited, but it is just so much hotter when a girl stares intently at the screen and gets off, it is primal. Enjoy Sonia’s porn driven cum.

Sonia Harcourt's Intimate Interview

Added 07/19/2018 | Rating: 10.00

Sonia Harcourt is an avid masturbator. She started young and has experienced an orgasm almost every day since then. She loves to play with her pussy and is sexually open to try new things. She just asks that you be as open and willing as she is. Enjoy this red-haired vixen sharing her sexy body and her million-watt smile as she cums hard and often.

Teen Mary Jane’s Finger Cum

Added 07/18/2018 | Featuring: Mary Jane Jackson | Rating: 10.00

What great evolution in a video. What starts as a self-foot rub turned into an extended massage and eventually a frantic fingering to orgasm. Damn this girl can move those digits like crazy. I was legitimately worried that she would burn her clit off. When she does cum you can see a few small orgasmic contractions, they are hard to spot, so keep your eyes open if you like those kinds of things. What a great video by a very sexy 19 year old girl. Enjoy!

Mab’s Rocking Orgasm

Added 07/14/2018 | Featuring: Mab Dabble | Rating: 9.43

There is something super-hot about her technique in this video. It is hard to put my finger on it, but it is just really authentic and intense. I believe it is just the the way she just sits on the edge of the footstool and rocks back and forth trying to keep a rhythm but you can tell the pleasure is making it difficult. I also really love how much she looks at and focusing on her pussy while she vibrates her clit. Enjoy the intensity of the Mab’s mad rocking orgasm!

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