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Mab Dabble’s Car Cum

Added 04/20/2018 | Featuring: Mab Dabble | Rating: 9.00

Cops, truckers, old ladies oh my. All of these are pretty scary when you are trying to rub one out in your car on a nice summer day, especially for old ladies. However Mab eventually gets the job done despite a few close calls, actually the close calls seem to add to the excitement and make the experience and the video that much better. She says trying to not get caught made her feel like a teenager, oh to be young again. Enjoy this must see video.

Introducing Emily Blacc

Added 04/19/2018 | Featuring: Emily Blacc | Rating: 10.00

Emily is a 20 year old queer girl who loves being girly but says she has the mind of a guy. She loves to fuck and is in a poly relationship. She also seems to have a “her” porn fetish and only likes watching porn she is in. That is pretty awesome and not something everyone has the option. A self-described sex addict that gets cranky if she doesn’t cum, so when she feels cranky she masturbates. I think that is a much better solution than just eating a snickers bar. Emily is cute, engaging, super fun and loves sex. What more could you want?

Satine Sexually Tortures herself to Orgasm

Added 04/18/2018 | Featuring: Satine Spark | Rating: 10.00

Satine loves the journey of masturbation as much as the actual orgasm; that really shows in this video as she takes her time to enjoy every sensation her body is producing. Her body is beautiful, skin perfect and her pussy is adorable. The close-ups are abundant in this video and you will really know when she cums.

Mira’s Butt plug Watergasm

Added 04/11/2018 | Featuring: Mira London | Rating: 10.00

What is better than cumming on some Jacuzzi Jets? Cumming on them with a butt plug in and an extra vibe on the ol’ clit. Wow, Mira likes a lot of stimulation right? Things are going really well until of course we lose a butt-plug; however never fear it is replaced and than we are all off to orgasm-ville with Mira. This video has three of my favorite four things, a watergasm, curled toes and the girl saying when she is cumming. The only missing element is the contractions which are tough with the watergasm. Basically this video is almost perfect.

Why Laura Loves Water

Added 04/10/2018 | Featuring: Laura Francis | Rating: 9.00

Listen to Laura’s take on the roll water plays in her sex life, both personal and with others. This of course was after seeing water making her cum like crazy. I love water, don’t you?

Laura’s Jacuzzi Jet Orgasm

Added 04/07/2018 | Featuring: Laura Francis | Rating: 7.00

Jacuzzi scenes are always, always some of my favorite. I don’t know why, there is something just so authentic about them. I think you really get to be the fly on the wall watching such an intimate moment with a woman in the tub. Sadly though Laura is a squirter and so the watergasm neutralizes the squirting, but we all know it happened under there. ;) This is an awesome video of a hot and wet in so many ways orgasm.

Tindra Hits all the Positions on the Way to Orgasm

Added 04/06/2018 | Featuring: Tindra Frost | Rating: 9.33

Tindra flips and moves around the bed in a way that gives you a great view of her beautiful body from every angle possible. On her side, doggie style and the standard missionary are all included, all while keeping her fingers going on that beautiful pussy of hers. My favorite is when she in on her side with her toes curled, so sexy. Which position do you like best? Leave your answers in the comments section.

Mira’s Happy Trail to Happiness

Added 04/02/2018 | Featuring: Mira London | Rating: 9.71

We welcome back Mira with a bang in this intense jerk off video. She has longer hair than the last time we saw her and a new look, but she still has that same awesome happy trail. I really dig that the video is pretty straight up and to the point, she starts with fingers and a glass dildo and then goes in for the kill with the Hitachi. The erotic glances she gives to the camera and you are a nice bonus to the action.

Laura’s first time on Film

Added 04/01/2018 | Featuring: Laura Francis | Rating: 8.67

I am not sure what really needs to be said beyond the title. This is a beautiful 20 year old girl and you get to see her here on Yanks for the first time ever. And oh yeah, she is a squirter with an awesomely hairy pussy. I love how you can hear her pussy cumming and squirting. Great video as always Lily and thanks Laura!

Tindra Satisfies her Beautiful Pussy

Added 03/31/2018 | Featuring: Tindra Frost | Rating: 9.33

After watching her interview, I loved how long it took before we get to see her pussy. It was torture waiting and wanting to see what was in those cute jean shorts, however well worth the wait. During her session, she humps the arm of the couch for a bit, before she moves on to straight up fast clitoral stimulation which brings her off quite quickly. Enjoy Tindra’s first Yanks Cum!

Visual Artist Laura Delves into her own Sexuality

Added 03/29/2018 | Featuring: Laura Francis | Rating: 10.00

This is Laura’s first time on film, like ever; so cool. She was a bit nervous but I don’t think it showed. The interview was really informative if you want to learn more about the evolution of sexual desire of a really down to earth girl. I am really looking forward to watching Laura’s videos.

Laney’s Hairy Pussy Cums

Added 03/29/2018 | Featuring: Laney | Rating: 8.67

So much to like in this video, great close-ups, sexy fingers working on a beautiful pussy under lace and a bit of pubic hair pulling and that is all in the first couple of minutes. The video only gets better than there with some great close-ups of Laney working her pussy steadily to a fantastic orgasm with some small visible contractions, I love those.

Emily Blacc’s Lady Friend

Added 03/25/2018 | Featuring: Emily Blacc | Rating: 9.00

A short “pussy out” bonus video with Emily describing an Airbnb threesome made courtesy of Tinder. Isn’t the sharing location based world simply awesome? I know I love it and you will love hearing about this experience first-hand from a cute naked Emily. Also, spoiler alert, she ended up with a girlfriend out of it. ;) Enjoy!

Tindra’s Adorable Interview

Added 03/25/2018 | Featuring: Tindra Frost | Rating: 8.50

Tindra is a super cute British girl who for some reason would like to fuck Vladimir Putin. Her reasoning is that Vlad is the ultimate bad-boy. I guess we can give her that and her next choice of Miley Cyrus makes me forget the Vlad deal. Tindra likes to fuck in public and has done so in public bathrooms, forests and even on a ski lift. Tindra loves to get off so much so she has cum an innumerable time in one day only stopping because her bits got too swollen to come, I love that about her. She is also a humper who learned to masturbate hanging from a door and grinding against the door knob. She is really enjoyable to watch and get to know. Welcome to Yanks Tindra.

Caleigh watches Hardcore Porn

Added 03/21/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 10.00

The feminist in me appreciates how Caleigh always starts her video with such an intellectual discussion, the dog in my loves this girl´s insanely great ass. I suppose both are acceptable. This is one of those videos where you find yourself pausing because the view is so fantastic, again that as and those beautiful soft feet. This is a super-hot video of a girl that is as close to perfection as you can get. Thanks Caleigh, we love you!

Laney’s Colorful Cum

Added 03/20/2018 | Featuring: Laney | Rating: 10.00

Laney loves pretty rainbows and ass play, this makes for a great video and I also think it would be a pretty cool name for a band. This video is really cute. There is just something about a cute girl in a rainbow shirt, with a rainbow tailed butt plug in her ass sucking on a fake rainbow cock. Watching her fuck herself with it is even better. Hot videos with a great orgasm and you know she saw rainbows when she came.

Lacey's Toe Wiggling Cum

Added 03/15/2018 | Featuring: Lacey Diamond | Rating: 8.80

Pretty obvious in the title, but the way these girls toes continually wiggle and flex most of the time she is masturbating is simply adorable. We even get a good close-up of her tootsies going to town as she pleases what looks like a very tight pussy. Great orgasm at the end and Lacey is surprisingly loud for what a quiet girl she is in her interviews. Enjoy!

Nora’s Doggy Style Cum

Added 03/14/2018 | Featuring: Nora | Rating: 8.00

It is a rarity for a girl to masturbate in this position, but Nora does us the honor almost from start to finish in this hot video. Nora is unshaven and it looks great on her, from her natural legs and pits to her savagely hairy box we love it all. Enjoy watching Nora’s reactions as she cums just for you, face down, ass up.

Princess Caleigh’s Toy Collection goes to Work

Added 03/14/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 9.43

Caleigh starts by telling us why she masturbates while she slowly caresses herself. If you love a girl explaining why and what she is doing while she masturbates this is a great video. When she begins, she starts by “warming up” her clit. Next, Caleigh goes through her toys stimulated herself in different ways before she pulls out the Hitachi to take her over the edge. This is a nice long video of a very sexy woman who knows how to please herself. I am sure you will love her as much as I do!

Nora Jerks Off in Unitard

Added 03/13/2018 | Featuring: Nora | Rating: 9.43

Nora´s third video is a masterpiece of stunning hairy pussy close-ups and pretty fingernails rubbing a beautiful swollen clit. Make sure to play attention to how hard she tweaks her super hard nipples on those beautiful natural breasts of hers. This is an amazing video that ends in three intense cums for Nora with plenty of continued clit rubbing to get every last ounce of pleasure.

Caleigh Co's Sexploits are the Stuff of Dreams

Added 03/10/2018 | Featuring: Caleigh Co | Rating: 10.00

Caleigh Co is a stunningly beautiful and strong woman. She is a powerlifting gym rat and it shows. Strong is absolutely the new sexy. Her pictures are amazing, from her beautiful face to her strong legs and soft sexy feet. She is in a lesbian relationship at the moment; however she really likes to experiment sexually. She enjoys switching the power dynamic in her sexual adventures. She cums from penetration and grinding so hard she sometimes scares her partner that made me lol. All her videos are amazing and she is my current fav on the site. Enjoy!

Nora's Old Timey Dildo

Added 03/09/2018 | Featuring: Nora | Rating: 10.00

In this short bonus video Nora tells you about her favorite wooden sex toy and why she loves it; hint, hard multiple orgasms. I am not sure how the antique roadshow would value this toy, however given where it has been I think the value has a high upside.

Lacy Intense Cum with her Purple Vibe

Added 03/07/2018 | Featuring: Lacey Diamond | Rating: 7.50

One of my sub-fetishes within the niche of the masturbation genre is watching a girl finger herself with her hand in her panties and blue jeans. It is such a hot thing to see and you get a great angle of just that in this video. Lacey also has a really tight beautiful body with a really nice pierced belly button. I love how tense her body, belly and feet get when she cums. Well done video with a stunning and down to earth girl.

Getting to Know Lacey

Added 03/01/2018 | Featuring: Lacey Diamond | Rating: 6.00

Lacey is a 25 year old girl from Perth who loves the 90s. I say that because Brad Pitt made her "hot" list and her favorite movie is Gladiator (technically 2000) I love this about her; that and the fact that she loves cumming where she can be caught and she always has toe-curling orgasms. Check out the Yanks interview with her to learn if she is submissive or not, what she fantasizes about, where she has masturbated before and her thoughts on Anal. Enjoy Lacey folks!

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