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Ana Molly Tears into her Pussy

Added 02/19/2018 | Featuring: Ana Molly | Rating: 9.60

There is something so hot about super aggressive female masturbation. It is just so sexy to see a girl frantically rubbing and touching herself, giving into that primal instinct of just wanting it to feel good between her legs. It is so hot! This video of always popular Ana Molly has just that, that primal drive to cum in full display. No more words, just watch.

Three Orgasms in Summer

Added 02/18/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 7.33

Summer’s pussy is wet before she even starts to touch herself. I love this about her. When she does start the way she plays with her clit is adorable, I could watch just that for hours, but alas, she does eventually go for the high powered hardware in the form of the Hitachi. Once she starts with that the pre-orgasmic squirting starts and keeps on coming. I bit different that she squirts before she cums, but different is cool. I do hope she drinks some water after the shoot because I would imagine she dehydrated herself after squirting that much and cumming three times; my word what a great video.

Midori Black Naturally Loves Sex

Added 02/17/2018 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 10.00

A great discussion with Midori detailing all the cool, kinky things she is into. Things like power exchanges, rope play and pole dancing. Midori is pan sexual and currently has a variety of interesting people as sexual partners. I think she is one of the most beautiful Yanks girls we have ever filmed. It is a joy to watch her masturbate. I wish we had more time with her.

Summer Lynn Somers is a Squirter

Added 02/12/2018 | Rating: 10.00

Summer Lynn Somers has a new favorite toy and we can see why. Her Form 2 Clit Stimulator packs quite a punch as we can see when it makes Summer squirt and squirt far. Summer is on the edge and teases herself until she has an immensely powerful orgasm. She flushes so deep red that she may just pass out from ecstasy. Enjoy as this hot fem works her sweet pussy to its utmost pleasure.

Lulu Reynolds Fucks Her Double Dong

Added 02/11/2018 | Featuring: Lulu Reynolds | Rating: 10.00

Lulu Reynolds wore some sexy red panties today. Rubbing her pussy through the panties is good to start, but she quickly strips for more access. Lulu loves her fingers but when she wants a dick, her double dong does a great job fucking her deep and hard.

Summer Lynn Somers Interesting Interview

Added 02/06/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 6.00

Summer Lynn Somers has a great group of friends, including Valentine, Andre Shakti and Iris Ives. These lovely ladies have Fem Sex Parties monthly where they get to explore and play with themselves and others in a safe and sexy environment. This month it's a fisting party. Find out more about sexy Summer Lynn in her intriguing interview.

Lulu Reynolds Gets So Wet

Added 02/05/2018 | Featuring: Lulu Reynolds | Rating: 9.60

Lulu Reynolds is adorable. Her tiny nipples look simply suckable and her finely manicured and pink pussy is perfect. Enjoy as she works her clit and thrusts her 2 fingers into her lovely hole, getting so wet that you can hear the juices as she gets closer and closer to a heavenly orgasm.

Valentine’s Pussy Slamming Cum

Added 02/04/2018 | Featuring: Valentine | Rating: 10.00

Thigh rubbing and outside of the panty rubbing action is always a tremendous way to start a good female jerk off video. The choking and tasting herself is a nice touch as well. This girl exudes sexuality and just wanting to be fucked and fucked hard. We love you Valentine! Enjoy

Sinn Sage Watches Porn on her Phone

Added 01/28/2018 | Featuring: Sinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

As we all do, Sinn pulls up some Porn on her phone and goes to work. I love her hairy pussy and her slow build up in this video. There is fantastic nipple play and the way her hips and pussy pump up and down around the one minute mark is epic. By the three minute mark her fingers are deep and you can hear how wet she is. The orgasm is fantastic and I love looking at her hairy pussy post orgasm. I just think, ‚ÄėOMG that pussy just came‚ÄĚ I love it. Enjoy!

Killer di Amber Cum

Added 01/24/2018 | Featuring: Amber Chase | Rating: 10.00

A killer orgasm with some toe curling and some visbile contractions. These are two of my favorite things... (Sung to the sound of music song of course ;)) It is also cool to see how many finger techniques she uses, she really plays around with her styles while playing around.

Andre Shakti’s Intense Hitachi Orgasm

Added 01/19/2018 | Featuring: Andre Shakti | Rating: 10.00

I can never get enough hitachi orgasms. I just love how much you can see, how Andre’s clit twitches and how her vaginal muscles contract and pump throughout the whole video. It is clear that she is so close to cumming for a long time in this video. When she does cum the visible orgasm is awesome.

Amber Chase Hitachi's Hard

Added 01/15/2018 | Featuring: Amber Chase | Rating: 9.50

You've seen many hitachi videos here on yanks, but Amber Chase is here to take it to a whole new level. The way she moans and writhes while going to town on her pink soft pussy is just to die for.

Belle's Crazy Huge Orgasm

Added 01/10/2018 | Featuring: Belle | Rating: 9.60

You will never ever wonder if Belle fakes it. Her orgams are huge and intense body-shaking, toe-pointing, body-flushing events. Belle starts by watching some of her favorite dirty porn and works her clit hard until she has an amazing orgasm. She likes a bit of auto-asphyxiation too. Enjoy as this 100% hottie cums hard for you.

Madison Missina Wanks Before Bedtime

Added 01/08/2018 | Featuring: Madison Missina | Rating: 9.80

Madison Missina gets all snugly in her bed. Cute comfy clothes and a lovely robe. Too bad (or too good!) that it all is coming off, because Madison decides to have a nice orgasm to help her drift of to dreamland. Trust us, it's plenty dreamy!

Andre Shakti is a Badass Sex Educator

Added 01/07/2018 | Featuring: Andre Shakti | Rating: 6.00

Andre Shakti is a person who changes the world. As a sex worker, educator, and author, she is helping the world learn about sex. From destigmatising sex work, to leading workshops for LGBT inclusion, to giving lectures on fisting, masturbation, kink wrestling, and more, there's a lot about Andre that is Just. So. Badass.

Amber Chase Introduces Sinn Sage and Verronica to Pussy Grinding

Added 01/04/2018 | Featuring: Amber & Sinn & VerronicaAmber ChaseSinn SageVerronica | Rating: 10.00

There is so much grinding in this video! Watch as Amber Chase, Sinn Sage and Verronica discover how many places they can grind their pussies! Mouths, legs, other pussies, there's no limit to the places one can grind. These three girls really lose it as they all writhe together and cum so, so hard. The afterglow on their faces is apparent and truly beautiful.

Violet Twerks

Added 01/03/2018 | Featuring: Violet | Rating: 10.00

Violet loves to have a dick in her doggy-style, so the way she likes to simulate that is by using the suction cup on her dildo to stick it to the wall and then back up on it and...you guessed it, twerk! The result in this case is a video full of bouncy fun.

One isn't Enough for Violet

Added 12/31/2017 | Featuring: Violet | Rating: 9.33

Violet grabs her vibrator and really goes to town on herself in this video. Switching positions, spitting on herself, wearing out her arms, and really getting her heart rate up, she brings herself not just to her orgasm, but past it into more and more pleasure!

Sinn Sage and Verronica Tag-Team Amber Chase

Added 12/29/2017 | Featuring: Amber & Sinn & VerronicaAmber ChaseSinn SageVerronica | Rating: 10.00

Everything is easier with teamwork, right? Well, this rule especially applies to orgasms. After so much teasing and touching, Sinn Sage takes the top half of Amber Chase, and Verronica takes the bottom. With two girls pleasuring her, Amber's orgasm is twice as nice.

Violet Tells Us About Her Turn-Ons

Added 12/28/2017 | Featuring: Violet | Rating: 4.00

Violet is an energetic lady who likes to be the boss! In this interview she tells us about what she likes in and out of the bedroom. She's a big Tarantino fan and explains all about the foot fetish stuff in his movies, then moves on to tell us about how she once got a plug lost in her butthole!

Valentine's Hitachi Love

Added 12/24/2017 | Featuring: Valentine | Rating: 6.80

Valentine brings us a classic case of magic wand infatuation. It's clear from the way her clit gets hard and swollen that this is a love made to last. Afterward she talks a little about her fantasy and we get a close-up of her perfect pussy.

Amber Chase Joins Sinn Sage and Verronica for Sexy Time

Added 12/20/2017 | Featuring: Amber & Sinn & VerronicaAmber ChaseSinn SageVerronica | Rating: 10.00

Sinn Sage and Verronica were having a steamy makeout session when Amber Chase decided to come in and join the fun. The result is a beautiful entanglement. Three mouths, six tits, twelve limbs...you do the math!

Valentine's Wet and Creamy Pussy

Added 12/18/2017 | Featuring: Valentine | Rating: 10.00

You will watch with envy when you see the size of Voluptuous Valentine's clit! Masturbation must feel that much better for her because she has the wettest, creamiest orgasm we've ever seen. This lovely lady knows how to get down with her favorite dildo and a touch of lube on her massive and sensitive clit.

Hope Gold's Delectable Body

Added 12/16/2017 | Featuring: Hope Gold | Rating: 10.00

Hope Gold's body is amazing, and the way she caresses every inch of it in this video is positively alluring. Join her as she strokes every beautiful piece of herself and brings herself to an orgasm that puts a huge smile on her face - and all of our faces too! Afterwards you'll be just dying to cuddle such a cutie.

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