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Midori Black Naturally Loves Sex

Added 02/17/2018 | Featuring: Midori Black | Rating: 9.00

A great discussion with Midori detailing all the cool, kinky things she is into. Things like power exchanges, rope play and pole dancing. Midori is pan sexual and currently has a variety of interesting people as sexual partners. I think she is one of the most beautiful Yanks girls we have ever filmed. It is a joy to watch her masturbate. I wish we had more time with her.

Summer Lynn Somers Interesting Interview

Added 02/06/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 6.00

Summer Lynn Somers has a great group of friends, including Valentine, Andre Shakti and Iris Ives. These lovely ladies have Fem Sex Parties monthly where they get to explore and play with themselves and others in a safe and sexy environment. This month it's a fisting party. Find out more about sexy Summer Lynn in her intriguing interview.

Andre Shakti is a Badass Sex Educator

Added 01/07/2018 | Featuring: Andre Shakti | Rating: 6.00

Andre Shakti is a person who changes the world. As a sex worker, educator, and author, she is helping the world learn about sex. From destigmatising sex work, to leading workshops for LGBT inclusion, to giving lectures on fisting, masturbation, kink wrestling, and more, there's a lot about Andre that is Just. So. Badass.

Violet Tells Us About Her Turn-Ons

Added 12/28/2017 | Featuring: Violet | Rating: 4.00

Violet is an energetic lady who likes to be the boss! In this interview she tells us about what she likes in and out of the bedroom. She's a big Tarantino fan and explains all about the foot fetish stuff in his movies, then moves on to tell us about how she once got a plug lost in her butthole!

Fuck All the Babes: Iris Ives' Sex Positive Magic

Added 11/29/2017 | Featuring: Iris Ives | Rating: 10.00

Iris Ives has an incredibly healthy relationship with sensuality and sexuality. She feels most sexy and happy in a place with others where she can play with her own sexuality free from judgement and seeks out places of love and support. In this interview we get to hear all about her self-discovery of masturbation, queerness, and confidence. What's sexier than that?

Kinky Porn is Layla D's Hobby

Added 11/15/2017 | Featuring: Layla D. | Rating: 9.00

Layla D loves to talk about the porn she likes to watch, how it gets her off, and how it influences her sex life. A lot of it is super kinky! Even things she wouldn't do herself, her fantasies are wild! Listen to this interview to hear more!

Courtney R and the Power of Imagination

Added 10/31/2017 | Featuring: Courtney R. | Rating: 6.00

In this masturbation interview, Courtney R tells us about her fantasies and how imagining them helps her to get off. She also gives us some information about anal play and how it makes her squirt!

Gina Cherie Masturbation Interview

Added 10/26/2017 | Featuring: Gina Cherie | Rating: 9.00

Gina Cherie talks Diehard, dry humping, having sex in an open garage, and more!

Kitty du Jour's Kinky Side

Added 10/18/2017 | Featuring: Kitty du Jour | Rating: 9.00

Join Kitty du Jour as she discusses her favorite books, ways to masturbate, and her multitude of kinks!

Contessa Doll Masturbation Interview

Added 10/10/2017 | Featuring: Contessa Doll | Rating: 10.00

Contessa Doll's name is pretty fitting as she looks like a real-life exotic Barbie Doll. Enjoy as we get to know Contessa better and she shares her most intimate thoughts and feelings. And isn't that Australian accent just the cherry on top of this beautiful woman?

Dulcie's Masturbation Interview

Added 10/04/2017 | Featuring: Dulcie | Rating: 9.00

Dulcie just got her first vibrator a year ago. She was solely a fingers girl until then. She's an orgasm pro in any case and confesses to masturbate however and whenever she can. We love this girl!

A Sexy Chat with Charlotte

Added 09/27/2017 | Featuring: Charlotte Star | Rating: 5.00

Charlotte is a yogi who describes herself as a devil on the inside and an angel on the outside. She is a Thai addict, the country not the food as she has visited Thailand 14 times! In terms of sex, she learned to cum in the tub and believes her yoga helps her sex life and her porn life.

Lua's Naked Chill Chat

Added 09/15/2017 | Featuring: Lua Snow | Rating: 6.00

Lua is a full time 25 year old student who likes to lie around naked, drink coffee, and make cute cupcakes; she doesn’t like to eat them as much as just making them to give away. She is super chill and likes a good long self-massage into masturbation. She likes to get off daily with either sex or masturbation. She fantasizes about a gang bang and getting caught, but not really wanting either in real life. Enjoy the cute high energy Aussie girl!

Tasmanian Devil Kate Talks About Sex

Added 08/26/2017 | Featuring: Kate | Rating: 10.00

Kate is a 21 year old cam girl who has super gorgeous boobs. At 21 she says she has tried sexually most of what she would like to, however the idea of group sex really turns her own, 10…20, the more the merrier as long as everyone is in the same mindset. Her favorite sexual position is on her stomach and getting it from behind. She is lives in Hobart, Australia and loves going to dirty bars with friends. We will see how much of a Tasmanian Devil she is in her videos.

Jamie Marleigh Masturbation Interview

Added 08/21/2017 | Featuring: Jamie Marleigh | Rating: 10.00

Jamie Marleigh is quite the character. She's a midwestern USA girl who finds herself traveling in Australia to blog and fuck. She has quite a thing for the Aussie cock. Enjoy learning all about this sexy girl, her ass stretching, love of anal sex and her fantasies to someday experience double penetration. She does have an adorable ass and we're happy that she loves and appreciates it as much as we do.

Bradley Discusses the Positivity of Yanks, Sex and Female Empowerment

Added 08/08/2017 | Featuring: Bradley Perry | Rating: 8.00

Bradley (love the name!) is a super sex positive and sharing girl. She loves to think about and discuss masturbation, sex and orgasms with her friends. She learned to masturbate in the tub with the faucet and describes it as her best friend! This is her first time on film and her first time ever masturbating in front of another person, ever! Enjoy watching Bradley pop her masturbation show cherry!

Jada Up Close and Personal

Added 07/26/2017 | Featuring: Jada | Rating: 5.00

Jada is a sexy bisexual babe who loves sexual adventure and getting herself off when she doesn't have or want to have a partner. This girl loves her pussy and knows just how to please herself, often cumming again and again in a day. Enjoy her sexy stories that intimately recount her experiences and fantasies and her sensual pussy pleasing demonstrations.

Stefie Staar Sensual Secrets

Added 07/18/2017 | Featuring: Stephie Staar | Rating: 10.00

Stephie Staar is stunning with a gorgeous smile and exuberant sexuality. She looks like an innocent girl, but don't be fooled. Stephie Staar loves sex with men and women and herself. Enjoy watching this lovely woman play with her perfectly shaved pussy while she shows us just how flexible she is, easily putting her legs behind her head. In this position, her gorgeous lady bits are front and center, just begging for attention.

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