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Sinn’s first Threesome with her Husband

Added 09/18/2018 | Featuring: Sinn Sage | Rating: 9.00

Listen as Sinn’s tells the story of her first threesome, which happened with her husband. She was a trapeze artist to fell into their collective laps and on to her future husbands cock. This is one of the fun sexy authentic stories that make taking the time to talk to our girls worth it. So enjoy Sinn bringing a true life Hustler Forum story off the pages and on to your computer or phone screen.

Sinn’s First Sex Party

Added 09/12/2018 | Featuring: Sinn Sage | Rating: 9.00

While we all know that Sinn has done somethings sexually, as you can watch a ton. It is really hot to hear these stories of what a Porn Star does in her personal time. I also learned that there Is an app for threesomes. Thrinder, Kink Differently. I have never loved the saying “There is an app for that” more. That sounds worth the download for sure. But back to the video; the story laced with all the orgy top hits, face sitting, BJs, lesbians and strap-ons. It almost hard to listen to as I as I am sure you would have much rather been there to participate. It sounded like a blast. I guess at least we get to hear the story of this fantastic evening in Sinn’s life.

Iris Identifies as a Switch

Added 09/06/2018 | Featuring: Iris Ives | Rating: 10.00

It is 2018 and we are just now really starting to be honest about how complicated human sexuality is. Yes, I know for decades that we had more than just the black and white of male and female and straight and gay, but for the longest time we were still jamming people into 4, 6 or maybe 8 or 10 boxes. 10 boxes for 4 billion people seems a bit too simple of an approach. That is my explanations for a general correction of human thinking, listen to Iris explain what identification means and has meant for her.

Monte’s Piercings and her Sex Life

Added 09/02/2018 | Featuring: Monte Cooper | Rating: 9.00

A short little chat about how Monte’s piercings and how they enhance her sex life. Including her eight, EIGHT, vaginal piercings. So have a listen, learn a bit and then make sure to check out the videos so you can see where exactly all eight of these Pussy upgrades are located and how they are used

Amber and Sinn Lesbian Foot Worship

Added 09/01/2018 | Featuring: Amber ChaseAmber Chase & Sinn SageSinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

I admit it. I have a foot fetish. And there might be no better type of video than two women with pretty feet and toes worshipping each other’s feet toes. I mean what girl doesn’t like a good foot rub and when the masseuse is a hot naked women, my gawd!!! I could watch the act for hours and hours. If you love women’s feet you will love this video, if you don’t you may just think it is odd and maybe funny. Either way enjoy!

Iris wants to Tell you about Fisting

Added 08/31/2018 | Featuring: Iris Ives | Rating: 10.00

I have a new theory of mine is that when a girl tells you that she wants to tell you about fisting you should shut up and listen to what she has to say. So I think I will do that. Watch the video and learn.

Monte’s Butt Career

Added 08/27/2018 | Featuring: Monte Cooper | Rating: 10.00

Monte likes everything anal and has explored many anuses, ani? Sounds funny at first, but she is actually speaking at Sexpo in Australia on the topic of anal. Topics include the different types of anal training and how to avoid micro tears, ouch. Anal is also her go to place to go when her vagina needs a break. Wow, this chick is seriously awesome and knows all about her and probably your backyard. I love the PSA type vids we are doing on sex lately. We are all getting to be sexual geniuses.

Amber Chase & Sinn Sage - Kissing Babes

Added 08/26/2018 | Featuring: Amber ChaseAmber Chase & Sinn SageSinn Sage | Rating: 10.00

Amber Chase and Sinn Sage are too sexy! They love some serious foreplay and kiss and tweak and suck each other's nipples, getting so wet in anticipation of more pussy play fun.

Abbie Plays with her Perky Tits

Added 08/22/2018 | Featuring: Abbie | Rating: 10.00

One of the things I noticed about Abbie in her first masturbation video is how much pleasure she gets from so many parts of her body. One in particular is that she really loves to touch and play with her nipples. I think it is a thing of beauty when a girl is blessed with sensitive nipples. It seems like such a bonus. So that being said, why not get a whole close up video of her playing with her hard tiny sensitive nipples. So we did. Enjoy!

Ms. Lynn and Friends go to a Play Party

Added 08/21/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 9.00

Listen to the fun and sexy details of a play party that Ms. Lynn went to with some of her friends who wanted to get fisted. Man, did this stuff happen when I was in my 20s? I don’t think so, or else I just wasn’t invited. But that point aside, I am glad that these girls can share something so intimate together. Listen to a fun tale of a different kind of spin the bottle, one that is much less innocent then the one that you probably remember.

Eden’s Birthday Eating Edging Surprise

Added 08/17/2018 | Featuring: Eden Rose | Rating: 10.00

Eden had to wait all year for her birthday and then when her boyfriend went down on her he made her wait over an hour to actually cum. She thought it was cute though and it gave her “dump truck” orgasm. If you want to know what that is you will have to watch the video.

Period Sex is a Wonderful Thing

Added 08/15/2018 | Featuring: Summer Lynn Somers | Rating: 2.00

Summer discussing the options available to having sex while “Aunt Flo” is in town. Summer gets super sensitive during her period so she really digs the experience. But as always, watch the video and get her thoughts as to positions, feelings, benefits and staying clean while you or your partner is “Surfing the Crimson Wave” Have fun and stay safe out there!

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