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Byron Thanks for creating an AMAZING website. It's so hard to find good, high quality erotica....thanks for keeping a great site running, and we look forward to more great content in the future!
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I really, really love this site. I practically live on it when I'm not working.


I joined your site specifically to see the work of your new female cameraperson. She shoots the hottest and best erotic videos I've ever seen. And that's saying something! I love the women she shoots precisely because they're not "models" who put on a forced, artificial performance. She has a unique and wonderful way of putting each woman at ease and bringing out her allure and her passion. This is a whole new kind of erotic video. Now that I've seen it, I'm too spoiled to go back to the old kind.

Thanks for the excellent customer service. It matters and I won't forget it.


I went home for lunch today and thought I would look at yanks.com. Well, I clicked the Yanks Girls section and the videos are GREAT!!! :) I ended up with my skirt up, my panties down and MY vibe deep in my pussy coming with her! :) What a great way to "eat" lunch! :)...licking my come off my vibe:) Thanks again!!!


Wish I could have found a site like this long time ago! To me, a woman's orgasm is the most sensual part of sex! And to see these ladies doing their thing in Real time, I just had to write to say thanks! Most sites I have seen have really good actors. I just watched the first clip of Annabelle! Excellent! I Love to masturbate myself, and she got my cookies off real quick. I have been a member for a week or so, and I think I will stick around a bit. Thanks again.

Okay, I have never written the operators of an adult internet site with anything but a complaint. So this is a first for me. Perhaps this will all sound a bit over the top or make me sound rather pathetic, but that doesn't concern me a great deal. I mean this sincerely, and I believe that I should send compliments if they are warranted.
Ever since I discovered the world of Internet "porn", I've been rather annoyed by it. I don't find a great deal of it erotic, but occasionallly I find things that inspire my interest to a certain degree and so I spend money trying to find a site that I like, but never do. So, I ended up wasting a lot of cash and feel stupid later. After a several month absence even bothering, by simply chance, I ran acroos your site.
This is without a doubt the most erotic adult website I have ever found on the Internet. Without actually realizing it, your website has been the ultimate target of all this searching I've done. The vast majority of adult websites featureing female masturbation are either fake or heavily contrived. A few come close to the mark of what I like, but your site taught me what I really like. And, I thank you. I will be a loyal subscriber.

I think your site, and the IDEA behind your site is great. It's something I've wanted to see on the net for ages. I am completely crazy about Ana. She is so naturally sexy. The footage you shot with her is just about the best I have ever seen! She is so lovely and you manage to make her so relaxed and natural. Keep up the good work!

I'd like to comment on your site. I have never seen anything like it before, just come-ons claiming to be what you are and then having boring supermodel photos or photos of unattractive amateur women. Your site "gets it" and knows that reality is more errotic than supermodels acting bored. You're doing a really good job.

My vote: Awesome.....worldwide one of the hottest erotic pages of the whole web!


I just joined and oh my god! The way you talk to the girls and then make it very natural is amazing. It's great that you have the idea to do videos like this. It is very sexy and something I have really wanted someone to do.


I wanted to comment on your content, as well as your masturbation interviews, as while not explicit, are very unique. I can't begin to describe to you how awesome it was to come across your site, and to actually pay for something for a change that I enjoyed greatly. I'm not talking about simply masturbating to the videos, but actually feeling that the girls you signed up were honest. It's EXTREMELY difficult at best to find a site like yours. For one, you focus on the girls, during their pleasure, focusing in not only on their pussies, but also their bodies, showing how they react to the pleasure they are giving themselves (i.e. their toes curling, facial expressions, or shaking during orgasm). I could comment on a few girls in particular, but I think you know what I'm talking about.
Regarding your masturbation interviews, what can I say but THANK YOU! I guess reading through the bios took me back to a time when sex was new, exciting, as though "Hey, I experienced that, what does it feel like for you?"......And here your site it to give that insight into true female masturbation. I guess this is it. You guys have made an awesome site. Please keep up the good work.

Jason D.
I don't know how you guys find such incredible girls, but I appreciate that you do. My girlfriend likes to watch right along with me and I get to reap the benefits! lol


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